YouTube 'Geek Week' Party

One Mayfair  |  London

WONDER was given a simple task to celebrate YouTube's ‘Geek Week’: create the ultimate pub quiz, and a night to remember for 200 guests from the UK’s leading advertising, marketing and creative agencies. From a shortlist of five locations we proposed, YouTube chose the beautiful setting of One Mayfair.

We set out to create a striking yet simple set at the venue. We placed the quizmaster on a podium at the centre of the space to give the event an intimate feel. On either side, we suspended two large cubes that seemed to float in mid-air thanks to some clever lighting.

The quiz content was projected onto the four sides of each cube. The contemporary effect was in stark contrast to the historic venue, creating that all-important ‘wow’ factor.

WONDER managed every aspect of the event, including creative and technical production, graphic design, print, quiz questions, logistics and staffing. 

The night proved a resounding success, with a lively audience getting into the spirit of the event right from the off. In a closely contested quiz, the winning team were given £5,000 to donate to their chosen charity.


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