Google’s Web Summit 

RDS   |  Dublin

Web Summit is the hottest ticket on the tech scene. The exhibition connects the big names from the world of tech, digital and entrepreneurialism with ambitious start-ups keen to get noticed in this fiercely competitive arena.

Although Google’s credentials in the field are immense, it was important that its presence was understated. After all, the focus for this event was the next big thing. 

So WONDER’s brief was to create a modest but distinctive environment where visitors could chill, network and explore Google technology.

The textures and finishes we chose for the stand created the feel of a coffee shop. We complimented the cardboard pitch stands of the start-ups by incorporating re-used materials, and added signature WONDER accessories to add theatre and bring it all together.

Our stand stood out but fitted in. And with the colourful and distinctive Google ‘data’ pipes, nobody needed to ask which stand was providing the best coffee at the show!


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