Google's 'be together. not the same' Android Tour

UK Roadshow

As a prequel to a large above-the-line campaign, Google came to us with a small request: 'Can you make a life-size Android?' We replied, ‘Leave it with us!’.

Starting with a two-dimensional drawing shown to us on a smartphone, we designed and produced the first 3D Android. This initial demand for a single model soon grew, and within weeks a whole family of Androids was born. In total, Google asked us to design and produce 26 Androids, and install them at the “most marvellous and unexpected" locations around the UK.

Once we’d compiled our list of iconic sites, the WONDER production line of design, 3D model-making, CNC cutting and spray painting went into overdrive.

Then we took to the road. Tower Bridge, Ben Nevis, Edinburgh Castle, The Giant’s Causeway, Old Trafford, Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium and Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland were just some of the famous places where the Androids made an appearance.

This was an opportunity for WONDER to collaborate with Google’s ATL agency Adam & Eve. The tour sparked an online conversation at #androidify. This disruptive, experiential activation helped feed a much bigger campaign.


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