Google Lounge @ Advertising Week 

BAFTA 195  |  London

We love being challenged to push things further. And following the success of our Google Lounge at Ad Week 2014, Google asked us to go bigger and better for 2015.

This time, the objective was to create not one space but two – a networking area for Google, and a stage set for YouTube. Playing on a theme of light and dark, we created two distinct areas. 

For Google, we produced a visually fun networking space where guests could rest and recharge throughout the day, using an array of materials with naturally aesthetic textures. Features included pods with live feeds from other Ad Week events, a signature Google bar, a pick ‘n’ mix sweet stall and device-charging points. 

As a contrast, we created a more industrial feel for YouTube, with raw materials and clean edges to reflect the brand’s edgier image. The stage area seated up to 180 people, and our aim was to immerse each guest in the space to make them feel part of the moment. To control the ambience, we blocked out natural light and set the stage against an imposing tiled LED wall. 


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