Why specialism is nothing to be ashamed of

Ben Turner, Managing Director, WONDER London

These days, it feels like everyone is a generalist.

In the marketing industry, agencies of all shapes and sizes now call themselves “full-service creative agencies”. So murky is this phrasing that it can be impossible to work out which services they actually offer – even if you’re on their website. Surely when competition is stiffer than ever, this is the last thing agencies want to achieve?

Of course, there are many reasons for this shift towards generalism, and a competitive marketplace is certainly a major issue. In order to stand out from the crowd, agencies are putting themselves under enormous pressure to do everything – or at least claim to be able to. Couple this with the fact that marketing budgets have tightened in recent years, resulting in a universal move to the middle, and it’s easy to see why agencies are feeling unstable.

But something has to give. While this is all totally understandable, it’s also potentially damaging to business.

The truth is that we shouldn’t be shy about who we are and what we do. At WONDER London, we think it’s better to specialise in fewer things, and deliver them to absolute perfection. We’re event specialists, and proud of it. We don’t try to do everything, because we don’t think it would be beneficial to operate that way. Not for us, nor our clients.

Specialist beats generalist every time, for a host of reasons. We believe in the importance of knowing what you stand for because it’s a vital component of client confidence and employee pride. We specialise in creating a sense of WONDER, taking brands off the page and screen and bringing them to life in the real world in a way that engages, and amazes, both our clients and their target audiences. Clients know what they are getting – and it’s up to us to deliver it.

Our distinct creative, production and project management teams are all staffed by genuine specialists, the best in the business at what they do. This lays the foundation of our client relationships. It means clients can have complete trust in what we say. In an industry like ours, where months of activity (and budget!) rests on the big event, trust matters more than anything. It also means we’re well-placed to have really honest conversations with our clients, which is equally important. Only then you can deliver the best level of consultancy.

So, here’s to specialism. We hope to hear much more if it in 2018.