Nike’s got it right

In the world of events, agencies are never shy in wanting their work with brands to be attention grabbing, presenting both evolving and innovative content and material. At WONDER London, we value the importance of keeping levels of engagement high and giving audiences something to talk about. It often comes down to providing never-been-done-before experiences. Whether it’s the interactivity that absorbs millennials and Gen Z, or a campaign that causes a stir or an emotive response – people always want more. But how do you work to these needs?

Take Nike – hinging its latest advert on celebrating the talent, strength, diversity and humour of London’s youth – the media is in a frenzy following the release of ‘Nothing Beats a Londoner’. The advert takes a creative, yet realistic spin on London youth culture and what it has to offer, celebrating the sport and music of the capital. It not only features established sports stars, it also focuses on young, authentic teenagers picked from local clubs and schools. It portrays the trials they are going through to ‘make it’ and offers a platform to present their rising talent.

Advertising always comes with pros and cons and getting that balance of emotive and valuable content is key. The imagination and dedication perfectly blended by Nike draws audiences in as soon as the beat of the backing music begins. Alongside the inventive camera angles and fast paced, dynamic footage, the advert feels personal, as if it’s directed just for you. The voice they give the advert moves away from the American roots of the brand and focuses on giving London its’ time to shine.

Nike has created something which is relatable for audiences – something they can enjoy. Content like this, that generates real, genuine engagement has audiences gripped from start to finish. Audiences don’t enjoy being shouted at or told how to feel, and it is issues like these that we like to confront at WONDER London.

Through our events we think it’s vital to strive in formulating engaging content at all times and in turn produce that important sense of wonder we always deliver on.  And as an agency embedded in the hubbub of East London, we are certainly loving the vibes the ad brings!