Interns, Careers in Production & Reaching Out 

At WONDER London we recognise how important it is to nurture new talent and help those in junior roles progress, which is why we wanted to embark on a new way to discover talent.

Recently, one of our team gave a talk to post-grad students at The Event Academy, who are enrolled on an intensive six-month event management course. With help from a slide presentation, we explained the life of a production manager and what the role actually entails. There’s a wide and varied intake at the academy, opening the doors to a variety of event areas to work in – from weddings to large-scale conferences.  

Here at WONDER, we want to encourage graduates to consider production as a career. We know from engaging with The Event Academy, amongst other schools prior to this, that many graduates don’t fully understand what production is, and we know from experience it’s a role people tend to fall into. That’s something we want to change. We want to encourage people to choose this as their career. In order to make that goal a reality we want to engage with young people and share our existing knowledge of production, clarifying the scope of the role, realities you’re faced with and what the most enjoyable parts are.

In January 2018 we took on our first intern. Our internship programme offers a paid, rolling, six-month role, and anyone is able to apply – not just graduates – making it accessible to all. Speaking at The Event Academy gives us the opportunity to build the interest and knowledge of students before the next round of intern interviews are set to take place. We deliberately made the programme as accessible as possible, to actively invest in young people and inspire them towards applying for the role.

As an events agency, we are always looking for new sources of talent to maintain the freshness of the team, but we want to make sure it’s always the right people we are targeting. We want to continue engaging with people that wish to focus their talent towards production specifically. The interns that join us need to be highly-driven and really want to pursue a career in production. Naturally, we can share the experiences of those who’ve been in the industry for years, creating both a learning and working environment. This way both they and us get the most out of the relationship.

As seen in our previous blog posts, we’ve recently been doing some work with the charity Switchback. It’s outreach like this, working with the wider community, that allows us to spread our name wider. In turn this helps us to build relationships, engage with a bigger and more extensive audience and aids in finding the new talent that we’re after.

In the future we plan to push out the internship programme even further. We aim to be more proactive in starting conversations with local colleges, as well as beginning to visit 6th forms to present our talks. This will hopefully capture the interest of students from a younger age, presenting them with more options and the chance to fully consider event production as their future direction.