Has WONDER bin recycling?

In the world of events, a traditionally wasteful sector, being environmentally friendly often gets put on a back burner. At WONDER London we’re very conscious of this, and we’re taking steps to improve our environmental footprint as much as we can.

Currently, the events industry runs off a linear economic model - ‘take, make, sell, waste’. We’re big supporters of the movement towards a more circular model, embracing recycling and reusing. A micro and macro approach is needed to make this goal a reality. So, we’re looking at what we can do as a team to lessen our own impact, while also exploring what positive changes we can suggest to our clients and suppliers.

Graphics production is one element of our work that traditionally has quite a negative environmental impact, but our graphics supplier has great policies in place to help tackle this. A key area where we can implement change ourselves is materials related. For example, moving from using a standard events industry material, Foamex and replacing it with Smart-x, a recyclable option, is something we’re exploring. If more people begin opting for the latter, the price will decrease; that’s the kind of cascading effect we’re keen to be a part of.

Sometimes all it takes is one bulk order to get an environmentally friendly alternative off the ground. Through driving innovation by looking at what’s in development, we can all help encourage take-up of newly emerging, environmentally friendly alternatives to existing products.

Often being environmentally friendly is viewed as being an expensive adjustment. But this doesn’t have to always be the case. For example, moving away from single use water bottles. One alternative option is to provide branded, stainless steel bottles for delegates to take home after an event. That’s a great example of being environmentally friendly, still offering a premium product, and being cost-effective, all in one.  

The sector has a long way to go with all this, but increasingly people are accepting there is a better way to do things, and disposable no longer being viewed as unavoidable is a step in the right direction.

At WONDER we’re aiming to help drive transformation across the industry by making changes at home, as well as working to raise awareness of the alternatives that are available. Taking this approach is fundamental to who we are as an organisation. Look out for updates on our progress!